Saturday, July 25, 2009

Give B Mak a Chance

When it comes to handbags, there are some pretty big guns out there — Kooba, Gryson, Treesje, Kate Spade.
Allow to introduce you — in case you haven't already met — to someone who deserves to be as revered as those brands, even placed on a higher pedestal because these purses cost no where near as much.
I'm talking about B. Makowsky bags. And, if you'd believe it, the B stands for Bruce. Never in a billion years would I have thought that a dude would understand how to make the perfect purse.
Now, I own a Kooba. It was quite a score — more than 60 percent off and as cute as can be. I'd lusted for it FOREVER. The fact that the lovely blonde was still around and on sale was amazing. But I have to say, I own two B Maks, and the leather on those is infinitely more buttery. They make the Kooba seem like Promise margarine. Seriously.
So, what is it exactly about a Mak bag? Well, the smooth, supple leather is a huge selling point. So is the great color range. And, they're classy. This is pretty amazing considering Bruce is married to Kathy Van Zeeland. Typically her bags are almost cute, but they always have some overdone detail that makes me back away. B Maks might have an oversized zipper or some studs, but they're tasteful and not too much.
The bags usually have a middle zippered pouch, which is handy when you cram a ton of stuff into your bag and like to try and keep things organized. My only beef is that the brown-and-black nylon leopard lining is just a little dark to really see well in the bag's nether regions.
You can find Makowsky bags at Dillard's and Or, stalk your local TJ Maxx, where they pop up regularly and at a steeply discounted (under $200) price.

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Desert Flower said...

LOVE Makowsky. The leather is so fabulous. Makes you wonder why the high end bags are so expensive when frankly they don't feel as nice. By the way, ebay is a great place to buy Makowsky, too. I find lots of last season or gently used there.