Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some bang for 5 bucks

In honor of our economy, which continues to be crappier than an outhouse in Appalachia, Some Hot Dishes presents: Stuff you can get for $5:
— Fab basic scoop-neck tee ($4.50) from Forever 21. In this case, the hyperbole is true — this shirt really is fab. And it's a good two quarters away from $5! It's easy-fitting, so no worries about muffin top with the skinny jeans, and is made of uber-soft cotton. The color range is awesome. This T-shirt is so fabulous that we should change this posting name to "Some bang for $20." So, you have our permission — go crazy.
— Lip plumping glaze ($1) from ELF cosmetics. Don't worry, if you slick this on your lips you won't look like you should be schlepping a sleigh. ELF actually stands for Eyes, Lips, Face. Pretty much everything in this line is a buck. And right now, shipping is $2. You'll find a good range of colors, and while this isn't Bobbi Brown, it only costs a dollar, people. One single dollar. How many things can you say that about that don't come from the 99-cent store and contain melamine?
— Tie-dye headbands at Target. Hollywood Intuition's new line includes these nifty elastic headbands (that's them in the lower right-hand corner of the pic of all those bags, shades, etc.). They're cute, easy on the hair AND can double as bracelets. A pack of three will set you back only $3. You have to get them in-store, though. There's no sign of 'em on the Web site.
— Harry and David Moose Munch bar. I think I need a minute just after typing that. OK. I've got it under control. Imagine a soft, nearly mousselike but just a smidge firmer truffle-ish center studded with crunchy toffee bits and soft, chewy popcorn. Coating the whole soft, chewy, crunchy middle is a thin layer of chocolate, either milk or dark. Now this is perfection in a foil wrapper. You'll find the bar at most Targets at the checkout aisles. It costs $2. Yes, pricey for a chocolate bar, but you won't regret it.

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