Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A grown-up dress

I just discovered "What Not to Wear."
I know, I know, I'm late to the party. In my defense, though, parenting really cuts into the TV time. So anyway, "WNTW." As Rachel Zoe would say, "Love."
I just love it.
I get a kick out of watching these frumpy chicks (and my God, how many crazy women are there in the world who profess they hate to shop???!) get turned into goddesses. It's made me reevaluate my own wardrobe. Which, if I must categorize it, is very preschool teacher. Maybe early elementary, but still, pretty basic nonetheless. We're talking lots of solid-color jersey tops, jeans, easy T-shirt dresses, nothing that requires dry cleaning and definitely nothing that calls for ironing. Blech.
As I've listened to Clinton and Stacy chide women for assorted fashion indiscretions, I've sheepishly wondered what they might say to me. My guess is they'd hate all my T-shirts, probably even the one that says "Power to the Peeps," with a group of the marshmallow-like treats, their little fists pumped in the air. They'd flinch at all the hoodies. But today, today, I made a purchase they'd approve of: my very first DVF.
I was prowling Tucson's W Boutique, which has killer summer sales, and I got this black-and-white Diane von Furstenberg "Penna," silk wrap dress. When I slipped it on, I felt elegant and sophisticated — like a grownup who could tackle the world. Or, at the very least, if she lost her job in the current dismal economic climate, have a dress suitable for job interviews.
It was one of those transformative fashion moments, the kind you can only see on a cable channel fashion show.
And yet, as happy as I am to have this dress, and as much as I see the value of buying something that's timeless and well-fitted, I am still drawn to crazy crap like this Lady Gaga outfit. An Animal skirt? That's too cool.
Perhaps I will content myself with Muppet underwear* that I can wear under the DVF.

*True, I really do own Muppet underwear. My sister-in-law bought it for her daughter, but turns out those factory workers must've been sniffing glue because the size 5 was actually more like an adult size 5. So, I got 'em. And I wear 'em.

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Desert Flower said...

That DVF is fabulous!! Love it. The only thing better than a DVF dress is a DVF dress on sale.