Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Chunky Ring

The neighborhood scuttlebutt is that the previous owners of our home lost it because of the wife's uncontrollable penchant for shopping those QVC/Home Shopping Network sites. She had a thing for jewelry, apparently.

Perhaps that's why I've never even looked at them because I'm stupidly superstitious and that seemed like bad ju-ju. But, it's amazing how a decent coupon can make you reconsider your convictions. So when the HSN.com discount came my way, I went nosing around.

For months, I've harbored a love of chunky, Sheila Fajl rings — ever since I saw a gorgeous one on a local boutique owner's middle finger. It looked much like this one. Hers was chrysoprase and cost more than $200. This is howlite and, with my discount, was about $30. It's not perfect — you can see where the stone doesn't quite snug up against the setting, but I'm OK with that. It was a pretty inexpensive way to scratch that itch for a chunky ring.

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