Thursday, November 4, 2010

H&M Tunic: The Keeper

Shhhh. Quiet for a sec.

Did you hear that? A sound like angels singing? Yeah, that's because I found the most perfect white tunic for $14.95. Thank you, H&M for all your lovely inexpensive goodness.

Aside from being wickedly soft, the tunic has a wide strip — not quite a ruffle — across the bottom that's the wee-est bit shiny. Gives the low-key, casual top a bit of flair. Our H&M also had 'em in a chocolate brown, which looked fab, and a tan. I just love the crispness of white.

Please stay tuned for part two: H&M: The Returned. Not everything is a fashion home run.

Outfit: H&M tunic; Mossimo Supply Co. skinny cargos; purple Report ruffled flats.

1 comment:

Desert Flower said...

Really pretty! That is an amped up casual piece. I like it.