Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fun With Demographics

In the span of four days, I was invited to a Botox party at a local boutique and a non-invasive liposuction seminar at my derm's office.

I don't like my demographic. Not. One. Bit.


Desert Flower said...

It's annoying. And I'm not sure if it's the "I'm still young but obsessing about getting older" demographic, or the "Nothing looking good anymore, need stronger measures" demographic. Either way, it bugs.

Hexicon said...

At 44 I'm pretty fed up with most of the fashion magazines. (Recently cancelled Marie Claire out of a very rude skin care article that basically said after 40 women are dried-up hags and the only cure is surgery. The controversy about the online column about overweight people confirmed my decision.)

So, I picked up a copy of More magazine at the doctor's office and actually enjoyed it, but I am too afraid to subscribe. The reason: I know that I will get on all sorts of horrible mailing lists for menopause products, eeek!

KathyW said...

K - I think you got those invitations by mistake. They were meant to go to me :-( We went to the Titanic exhibit y'day and the woman at the counter was arguing with Jack about whether or not he qualified for the senior citizen discount. When he told her he wasn't old enough, she actually said "are you sure"!?! K

Desert Flower said...

Hexicon, I subscribe to More and nary a horrible email has resulted. I say go for it. I love that magazine.

jacquelyn said...

I think we go to the same dermatologist. I recall getting an -mail very similar to the one above just within the last week.

If so I went to this derm's open house today and actually saw the pictured procedure being done on someone. I'm not going to lie. I was intrigued.

Kcookski said...

apparently, i need to start a lipo-blog! this has generated quite the comments.
h - that's funny. i ended up on a mailing list that gets me rei, athleta and title 9 catalogs. i don't believe in running. if some evil maniac were chasing me, i'd be toast. major demographic error there.
j - i was intrigued enough to go a-googling. 20 percent reduction in fat for about $800 a session. i can reduce my fat by 20 percent just by skipping dessert for a week. i'm gonna try that first....:)