Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Happens When Husbands Help

I'll tell you what happens — nothing good.

The wrong milk gets purchased; the kids are dressed funny; my iPad's all screwed up.

OK, so he bought me the iPad, he gets major, major props for that. But I pick it up this weekend, and I can't find anything! Where are my sample sale sites? How come Neiman Marcus is not next to Nordstrom (all high-end shopping is grouped together). I thought I was losing my mind.

I start grumbling about how my screens are all whacked when he sheepishly admits he tried to organize them for me.

"See, this is an app and so is this, so it makes sense that they're together," he begins, but then he starts talking technical. So his voice — in my ears — morphs into the adults from "Peanuts." You know, they all sound like this "wah wa wah waaaaaaaaa."

He apologizes and says he thought he was helping, and now I'm trying to move all my critical shopping sites together and shift the magazines near each other, but my head hurts. I need some more Trader Joe's Peppermint Joe-Joes. If no one sees me eat the whole box, do the calories count?


Desert Flower said...

Oh, my husband has "helped" like that too. As I recall, it took days to correct. Good luck.

jacquelyn said...

Agreed. I have a macbook and start to break out in hives when my beloved husband comes near it. I have to walk away and sing to myself lest I freak out too much. I am very particular about how I organize things and my macbook is the one item that is fully mine (I get the tax deduction for it, after all), fully under my control.

And peppermint joe joes. I've had one post on my blog about the dark chocolate covered ones, and today will be a post on the variety box of covered joe joes my husband found the other day. I was so excited when he brought them home.

Joe Sally said...

That's it - I'm going to organize the Peppermint Jo-Jos ...