Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Fall Deboot

Snuggling deeper under the down comforter. Padding across chilly tile floors. Listening to the littles grumble about the weather on the walk to school. "It's so coooooooold. Why is it so cold?"

Let the record show that the temperature is in the 60s.

That's summer in some parts. In the desert, it's a time to rejoice and pull out the long, albeit thin, sleeves and — yay!— boots. My eBayed Stuart Weitzman "Woodstock" boots finally made their debut (or would that be deboot?): Winter Kate silk cardi; Daftbird tee; Forever XXI jeggings; ASOS heart necklace and Target chain necklace.


KathyW said...

You're just taunting me with those boots, aren't you.
P.S. The outfit is darling - actually, even better in person.

Desert Flower said...

I really love the boots. You are going to wear those a lot. The silk cardi is just amazing.