Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Market T-shirts

A baby-soft, oversized T-shirt is a thing of beauty.

And, it'll do a mighty fine job of hiding a food baby (even twins), too. Which is why I've amassed quite a few but yet am continually on the hunt for the next, best one.

Lately, Market Ts have been mentioned in the fashion mags, which prompted an internet search. Turns out the line is affiliated with Rebecca Beeson. Market has all the basics in lots of yummy colors, and here is where I hit a snag as I was trying to determine which boyfriend tee to buy: I couldn't tell what the colors were.

Beeson apparently subscribes to the J. Crew School of Color Theory, which means use cryptic names and make people guess. Not only was there "Splash" but also "Pool." Ummmm, those both involve water. Wouldn't they be the same?

Market thoughtfully provided color swatches, but they didn't match the available colors.

I did what any obsessive shopper would do — I e-mailed. And called.

Turns out "Splash" and "Pool" are both shades of turquoise, one — can't remember which — more green than the other.

"OK," I asked poor, beleaguered sales guy, "so what's 'Summer Breeze?'"

"Um...Can you hold on a minute?" he said, no doubt off to ask the manager of the Obscure Color Names Department.

Turns out "Summer Breeze" is a light blue. Had it not been a long-distance phone call, I would have messed with sales guy more and really grilled him. "Is it like a powder blue or a pale blue?" "Is it icey or warmer?" "Which celebrity's eyes would it match?"

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Desert Flower said...

I am LOL at the comparison to J. Crew's bizarre color names. I'm sure they're not the only retailer who does it. They've become increasingly inventive though. And they recycle from year to year yet the same name doesn't guarantee the same color.

All I know is I want the job naming OPI nail polish.