Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Feel Pretty

Please excuse while I channel Maria from "West Side Story" for just a bit. I feel pretty. Not so much the witty and bright parts, but I do feel pretty.

Though I still get the single PMS pimple right smack on my chin every freakin' month, my skin is quite clear. I just have to use the barest amount of foundation to even things out. The credit goes to my cosmetic detox, which involved tossing allllllll the stuff in my beauty/cleansing arsenal that have yucky chemicals, which was nearly everything. (For the beauty backstory, read here.)

For just over a month, I've been using Evan Healy products, specifically the Rose kit. It uses essential oils (rose geranium and carrot seed) in its products, and this particular kit is designed for combination skin or, ahem, mature skin. I picked up the five-product kit at Whole Foods for $25 a month ago and still have plenty left, except for the serum, which I most definitely will buy again.

The products have the lightest rose scent (generally, I prefer no scent) and just feel good. I'm especially in love with the hydrosol, which is — according to the literature — the water that remains after oils are distilled from their source. It's used like a toner, but you can spritz it on any time for hydration. The spray feels just lovely. The serum, too, is awesome. It doesn't leave your skin feeling slick, just moisturized and dewy.


Desert Flower said...

Ooooo, these products sound very intriguing. I also prefer no fragrance, although I think a light rose scent would be nice.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

OK, I def need to try this, they sound awesome and my skin needs some hand holding sometimes!