Tuesday, November 2, 2010

H&M Scouting Report

Inexpensive trend stores are such hit-or-miss places. Some trips, it's all you can do to keep from spending the mortgage. Other trips, you couldn't spend a dime to save your life.

Well, for Be Kind to Kristen Day (Monday for those of you who didn't realize it was an official holiday), I blitzed through our local H&M and it was all I could do to keep from spending my kids' college funds.

A lot of fun holiday stuff was in the store (strapless dresses, fun skirts, sparkly things), many things were on sale, lots of great basics. I was amazingly good and walked out with just three things. One of 'em may well go back. You'll have to help me decide later.

What isn't going back: this rosette clutch, which has a chain shoulder strap ($17.95). It came in red and a gorgeous dusty nude (seen here). I really wanted nude, but the practical side of me won out. This sucka is crazy flat, so stuffing it isn't possible. But hey, it's a goin' out clutch!

OK, so the obvious blog disclaimer is that not every store gets the same merch but seeing as how the Tucson store is the unloved stepchild of the chain and only got 12 of those sweet sherpa bomber jackets featured in all the fashion mags (!!) and won't ever get any high-priced items (sales associate admitted it), I'd say the gettin' will likely be good in a big town. Also, that ruched dress featured in the same post as the rosette clutch, was $50 and gorgeous in real life. In fact, there were many easy-on-the-wallet (but not cheap looking) party frocks. Hurry in.


Desert Flower said...

I LOVE it! It look really great. I am pleasantly surprised that our little old store got the great holiday stuff. It's almost enough to induce me to make the drive up there.

Mugdha said...

I always try to evaluate based on the rest of my day if I'm going to have a hit or miss trip. Generally, the trend goes the shittier my day has been or the less I'm planning to go shopping, the better the haul.