Monday, November 15, 2010

Sherpa Goodness

Mmmmmm, sherpa.

The soft, fuzzy stuff has had a hold on me since J Crew first introduced its sherpa-lined hoodies years ago. (Goofy side story: I actually came across a Crew postcard dated from, like, 2003 for a backordered sherpa hoodie. How I managed to save this for so long and yet I misplace my grocery list every week, I don't know.)

Anyway, two Crack hoodies are in my winter arsenal (gray, bright blue), and I love them. Dearly.

Sherpa's popping up all over, and that is a good thing. See for yourself:

Quiksilver's "Foreshadow Jacket"($168) is some pricey pleather. I dunno — are the fumes from synthetic materials affecting my brain? This seems on-the-fence cute. While I love the idea of that swooping shirt-tail hem, it also seems like the very detail that could make the jacket cheap-looking. Must be seen IRL.

And, speaking of pleather....What's happened to jackets in the past year? Doesn't it seem like you used to be able to get a good leather one for under $200? Now, the real stuff is $300-plus, with hot designers going hundreds higher. So, I guess it's not out of line for something that's faux to cost this much. But, it just seems wrong.

Splendid's french terry moto jacket ($128) is perfect for a light cover-up. Tried this on in-store, and it killed — the jacket was sooo amazingly soft. No one beats Splendid when it comes to snuggliness. The best part of the jacket, though, aside from the wooly collar, is the thin, ribbed T-shirt-fitting sleeves. Perfect for chilly weather, which we have more of, than outright, cut-to-the-bone chill.

Gap's sherpa moto sweater ($128) looks awesome in the magazine ads. Just awesome. But, if this piece is like everything else by the Gap that I've crushed on this past year (tuxedo-striped khakis, v-neck T-shirt) then, it will horribly disappoint and look less-than-stellar* in person.

*I'm being kind. What I really want to say, which goes against what my mama taught me, is that this stuff looked completely crappy and cheap in real life.

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Desert Flower said...

I had a real sherling back in the day when I lived in a cold climate. For some reason all this stuff reminds me of the 70s. I like the Gap one best, and no doubt it looks the worst in person. The Quicksilver jacket looks really oversized.