Sunday, November 28, 2010

Close Enough For Government Work

A funny thing happened in the middle of this posting.

I was all ready to blahdy-blah about how my continuing quest for the out-of-season Alexander Wang skirt led to the purchase of this charcoal-colored, tie-front jersey dress. When lo and behold, I found a substitute for that skirt that I can afford, live with and that really looks cute.

So, here's what I was gonna say:

Normally, I'm a muller.

I don't impulse buy anymore, not after picking up a mortgage and kids. My allowance ain't what it used to be. That old "shop first, ask questions later" mantra doesn't usually apply. Usually. But recently, I was under the gun with a coupon code and there was only one of these dresses left, so I snapped it up. It's from the ever wonderful, which graciously offers free returns.

So, I got this because it reminded me of that Alexander Wang skirt I am lusting after. Yes, it has ties, but, really it is just a jersey dress. I unloaded a bunch of jersey dresses at the last swap party. Do I really need to re-stock?

And, here's the thing that's really bothering me and this may sound weird, but I think the tie hits a little too low, in a TSA-pat-down kind of way. The last thing I need is to draw attention to my junk. I already have three kids.

And yes, I was even going to say that last part, even though it's tasteless because I thought it was funny. So here's the thing, after I write up the post, I go back to half-heartedly leafing through all the sale alerts whizzing into my inbox. The whole day I haven't found anything because I don't hopelessly, desperately need anything (except that skirt). Then this Pixie Market e-mail appears.

I never look at the site, but I signed up for e-mail after hearing about it on a blog. Looked cool enough. So even though I rarely look at the site, I look this time. It must be fate — here's a dress with actual shirt-sleeve ties, like my beloved AW skirt. It was meant to be.

And so the muller just dove in and bought. Cross your fingers with me — and maybe your shirt sleeves, too — that this really, truly is a good substitute.

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Desert Flower said...

Crossing everything, I hope it works out great!