Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Better Substitute

Sometimes, settling is a good thing.

Not when it comes to significant others, of course. But with fashion, you can settle and usually be every bit as happy. Maybe even more so.

That's the case with this Alexander Wang skirt. Oh, how I wanted to. But it was nowhere to be found, which is beside the point anyway, because it's real, bonafide designer clothing. I can't afford that.

On a whim, I cruised Pixie Market's sale site and came across this perfect substitute — a shirt-sleeve dress. It has the same feel, same faux sleeves dangling in the front. I love it even more than the original skirt that I'm sure spawned its creation. Two out of two friends agree with me.


Desert Flower said...

I LOVE this. So much.

gigiofca said...

Great sub. You can wear a black top or sweater over it to create the skirt look. Winner!