Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stuff I love

• J Crew "Gibson" pumps ($275). I'm on Step 6 of my 12-step Crack recovery program, so I'm not completely immune to its lure, especially now that the retailer is doing platforms.
• Garnet Hill cashmere wrap ($98). I want to curl up in it right now and take a nap in all that soft snuggliness.
• Alexander Wang trench ($268). I've already decided that my goal for the coming year is to own an Alexander Wang piece. The price keeps dropping on this. Maybe after Christmas, it'll reach a real-person-budget price. A girl can dream.
Leopard rollerskates ($199). Yes, they're a little "Boogie Nights," but they're also incredibly, amazingly AWESOME. I would blow those plain brown-skated kids away at our local sticky-walled skating rink.


Desert Flower said...

Excellent new years resolution. I think that trench is awesome. It would look very good with those J Crew heels. Just sayin.

jacquelyn said...

I own some of the Skechers roller skates that Britney Spears hawked---my husband gifted me with them for Christmas seven years ago. They are one of the best gifts he ever gave me. They are hot pink and awesome. I smoke everyone on the river walk. There is something about roller skates that is so much fun.