Sunday, December 19, 2010

A William Rast Scouting Report

William Rast for Target collection summed up in a word: "Meh."

So, about on-par with 95 percent of the other designer collaborations.

Amazingly, our lame (said with the utmost love and respect — and honesty) Target had some pieces. The past few times I've been interested in things and have called, the sales associates haven't even known what I was talking about. Cynthia Vincent's line arrived about a month after its debut and only select flats, relegated to a small end-cap. See? Lame.

Anyway, the pieces highlighted in magazines had promise. I was intrigued by the $29 tanks that looked sueded and had shimmery embellishments. IRL? The worst of the worst shiny poly. All the tanks looked like they belonged on a Ross clearance rack.

This vest had potential, but the zipper was quite sticky. It won't hold up. The twill jacket also looked cool but c'mon, $45? This is how the discount retailers screw themselves. We want stuff that's inexpensive. You just can't charge more than $35 at stores like Target and Walmart and expect people to bite. Well, at least not this person. I have a much cuter, similar jacket purchased at Wet Seal for $20.

Granted, most of the stuff that had the most potential — the leather jackets and the tuxedo jacket with lace-up sleeves — were MIA. Still, I'm passing on this — even once it hits the clearance rack.

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Desert Flower said...

I can't say that I'm too surprised. Most of these Target collaborations have been miserable failures. The Mulberry collaboration still gives me the heebie jeebies. I do have a Tucker piece, turned out to be nicer than I though it would. Overall, I've stopped getting my hopes up.