Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lucky Star

"Hey," my sister-in-law said above the oversugared chaos of Christmas No. 4, "are you wearing earrings or did you just put on stickers?"

These Gorjana stars do look eerily like the gold stars I used to accumulate on a regular basis in elementary school.

Simple and just the right size, they add the perfect finishing touch of superiority, dontchathink?

The gold version seems to be sold out on a few different sites, but Piperlime still has silver for $35. And, you know, silver's good, too.


Desert Flower said...

Pretty! Just the right every day earring.

Jessica said...

They do look like gold stars! Which actually makes me love them even more.

(And re: your post above, I'm not a long dress girl either. But I totally wish I were. I saw a style photo yesterday featuring a long dress with a cozy cardigan as a NYE outfit idea. Maybe I'll give it a whirl anyway?)

Pagano DesignWorks said...

You deserve to wear your gold stars everyday! One for work and one for home. Who needs fame and fortune?