Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mood Lifting Products

Hey, so did you know that the scent of orange blossom is supposed to be a mood lifter? A natural antidepressant?

Yeah, me neither. But I read that somewhere and now that I'm using John Masters Organics, I believe it.

The citrus and neroli detangler ($16) smells subtlely of grapefruit and neroli (the cool name for orange blossom). You can either use it as a rinse-out conditioner or leave it in, which I like to do. It's light enough that the potion doesn't weigh down fine hair.

The sweet orange and silk protein styling gel ($17.50) has a positively intoxicating scent. This one is really orange-y — it smells like sunshine and spring. Just one whiff makes me feel calmer and happier. I actually do sometimes open the lid on the bottle just to huff it. In fact, I think I could use a hit right now.

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