Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To The Maxi

Floor-sweeping dresses always look so cool — on other people.

I mean, look at that chick on the upper right-hand side in the Who What Wear Daily post. She looks amazing in that brown maxi and cargo jacket — chic, effortless. When I slip on a long dress I feel like....a dork — or worse, like a fifth-tier wife from a polygamist Mormon sect.

Why can't I pull this off? Maybe it's because I'm not tall enough?

This H&M cotton, racerback dress is fun and so easy-to-wear. Maybe I'd feel better if it were shorter, say mid-calf length? Perhaps I just need to come to terms with the fact that I ain't a long-dress girl.

Outfit: Current/Elliott hooded denim jacket; H&M dress; Forever XXI cami; Target necklace; Michael Kors slip-on clogs.


Desert Flower said...

I think you pull it off fine. You simply need to master the slouchy supermodel pose. Ha! Very cute dress, I love it with the denim jacket.

Mugdha said...

It looks good on you! The heels definitely help, I think. I always end up looking like I'm about 4 feet tall.