Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Wrap (Up)

Hope your holiday was joyous, whether you celebrate Christmas — or feats of strength (a la Festivus).

Here at Some Hot Dishes Central, we had a sunny, good day with lots of laughs, off-key singing, quality family time and more gifts that we probably deserved (I could have sworn at least one of my children's names was Sharpied onto the Naughty List).

When you write and care about fashion, well, it's only right that your accessories should be properly accessorized. This leopard-print cover is what all the chic iPads are wearing these days. I got all googly-eyed after spying the calf-hair cover in Neiman Marcus' gift guide recently, and Hubby went above and beyond, including calling around and actually meeting up with a Fed Ex driver AND returning a previously purchased Etch-A-Stetch cover, to make sure this out-of-stock gift made it under the tree on time. What a guy.

And yes, those are serious fingerprints across the iPad screen. I am officially embarrassed. On the upside, I now have a name for the iPad — Smudge. We like to name our technology around here. We have a used iPod named Lorenzo that was recently acquired. The name was etched onto the back with, like, a knife — Apple didn't do it. But, it's way more fun to say "Where's Lorenzo?" than "Where's the blue iPod?"

Also, meet Alex, a holiday arrival (and a much, much better one than the year guinea pigs joined the fam). You may remember the cool, sanitary water bottle from a previous blog posting. Hubby did. Good job, Joe!

Only four people regularly read Some Hot Dishes on a regular basis but when one of 'em is the guy who buys you presents for all the requisite holidays, that's a very good thing.

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Desert Flower said...

Great giftage! Love the iPad cover and the story behind it. DH did good.