Monday, December 27, 2010

Very Chill

And when I type "chill," I'm referring to feeling laid-back rather than the literal interpretation — not possible when it's in the toasty 70s. Seriously, where is December? This has been an unseasonably warm winter. I've had enough now. I have some seriously cute jackets that need to be worn and appreciated.

Outfit: Line drapey-pocket sweater, which probably does my hips no favors but I do love pockets; Express cami; cheapola scarf; jeggings; Blissful Epiphany necklace; Simple "Carousel" flats.


Desert Flower said...

I am digging the leopard cami. I'm with you on the weather. A little chill couldn't hurt.

Mugdha said...

You look great! Honestly, I would probably wear a plastic bag if it came with pockets.

gigiofca said...

mmm hmmmm, cute cami :-)