Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Shoe Haiku...The Çhunky One

Platforms are quite bad,
Says the Manolo himself.
I bet he wears flats.

Shoe n' Tell: So shoe guru Manolo Blahnik was quoted in Elle magazine completely pooh-poohing platforms, a personal favorite of mine. What he said, "Platforms are so suburban, so fake, and the volume is all wrong. But I love a thin heel. Even on a big, fat girl, a thin heel is fabulous. But a too-high heel is ghastly. On someone who is too small, when the proportions are not right, it is...disgusting."

So there ya have it.

How many pairs of teetering stilettos do you think he's worn in his life? Despite what Manolo thinks, I ordered these Dr. Martens mary janes because, well, dammit, I am a suburban mom and I work and — most importantly — I often have to walk more than 10 feet, which renders me incapable of wearing a skinny heel. These have a Fluevog-ian feel, at a much cheaper price, and they'll look cute with tights or boyfriend jeans. They're really padded in the footbed, and the toe area has plenty o' room.


Desert Flower said...

I remember that quote and recall thinking how funny it was that a guy who makes 5" heels thinks too high a heel is ghastly! Love the red shoes. Every girl needs a great pair of red shoes.

KathyW said...

I love your red shoes, K. And, I'm thinking Mr. Blahnik would hate my white danskos with the black writing all over them, lol.