Monday, December 6, 2010

Ring Bling

Hey, all you anal-retentive ladies who need to know what time it is! Put a ring (watch) on it.

OK, that doesn't roll off the tongue like "all the single ladies," but hey, if you're single, what do you care what time it is?!

When you have kids, you gotta know because someone needs to be somewhere at sometime. Always.

I love my watches, but it's still fun to tell the time with other accessories, thus leaving the wrists open for stuff. My watch necklace is cute, but it's a little heavy. This watch ring isn't too big, and it doesn't look dime-store cheap, either.

Look for the Melody Ehsani Rolee ring at Karmaloop for $35. Although if you're as good a shopper as I am, you can score a deal (it was more than half off when I clicked 'buy').


Mugdha said...

This is really cute!

Desert Flower said...

It looks like a miniature Rolex!