Monday, September 28, 2009

Ahhhh, a new credit card cycle

This is so bad — I'm only a week into the new credit card cycle and I already have to cut myself off. I'm not over-budget (yet), but I do want a bit o' wiggle room in case something I desperately need becomes evident.

This month, most of the damage was done at Stems — A Shoe Boutique on fabulous shoes of all heights. My surgically repaired foot is feeling good and the swelling's down. Obviously.

These Stuart Weitzman "Phoenix" shoes are teeteringly high, but thanks to the platform, I can walk. I wore them all day at work Friday and neither tootsie was barking.

My sensible purchase was a pair of these Ugg flats. They've got the cuddly-soft sheepskin on the bottom. After I'm done with this posting, I'm so going to Google Tucson's weather forecast for the week. It's got to drop below 100. It MUST. NOW. Because I so want to wear these.

And because two pairs is never enough, I got these Betseyville wedges. The purple patent just pops (say that three times fast). The oversized buckle is a touch witchie-poo in a good way. The mirrored wedge is just plain cool.

I bought this dress from From T by Alexander Wang, it's made of rayon so it just slides right on. Sadly, my badonkadonk is bigger than this model's, so the dress doesn't quite have the same slouchy drape, but I still think I can pull it off. I'm going to layer it over bright, cami-strapped athletic-type bras for a shock of color. But I really want to winterize it with black motorcycle boots and a grandpa cardigan over it (that'll camoflage the butt n' hips).

And, for my last unnecessary purchase — this metallic tank. It's hard to tell from the photo, but it does have a lovely metallic sheen. I missed out on some similar J. Crew molten tanks because they sold out so quickly. This Free People one I might like even better because of that ice-blue color.

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jacquelyn said...

I totally do the credit card cycle thing. I know when it closes and I try to time major purchases for the next one. The sad thing is that it is a vicious cycle so I repeat it every month.