Thursday, September 3, 2009

Random musings

From the Joys of Parenting File...
Recent exchange between me and 9-year-old:
Me: "Will you please do me a favor and throw some socks in the wash?"
Her: "Am I getting paid*?"
(*This summer, she earned $2.50 a load in her quest for a Nintendo DSI.)
Me: "Sure! You get the same amount that I earn for doing stuff around the house — nothing."

From the Watch Your Wallet File...
If you're trying to be good (i.e., not spend any monies), don't look at the Anthropologie Web site. I recently cruised through and saw at least six things that I NEED. Dangerous.
I think part of it might be fueled by the fact that the free shipping promo the store's had this summer is rapidly coming to an end.
Must.....stay.....strong. Especially since I just bought this Young Fabulous & Broke dress. It has a hoodie! I'm powerless to resist the hoodie.


jacquelyn said...

I just ordered the Frayed Bouquet top this morning. I caved and placed a huge order for Anthro ahead of the free shipping cut-off. I'll be sure to review it when I get it!

Kcookski said...

are we secret shopping soulmates? yes, do post a review of the frayed bouquet top! i was in a hurry and didn't do an adequate job of gushing over it specifically.
the nice thing about shopping can always return.

jacquelyn said...

Yes, yes you can return. I am a serial returner. It sometimes gets so bad my husband will do it for me. Now that is love!

Internet shopping: it's both a blessing and a curse.