Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello, Luvah!

I wandered into a JC Penney today — very, very unusual behavior. The last time I set foot in one was to exchange towels I got for my wedding. Fourteen years ago.

This time, it was to scout a coat. A leopard print coat. My lust for leopard has reached obsession-worthy heights. I've NEEDED a coat for weeks now. Never mind that today's temp clocked in at 96 degrees. I've scoured the Internet and poked around the mall. I found a few contenders, but it's a tricky thing to do cute, faux leopard. More often it's cheap looking or matronly. Hard to say which is worse.

Then my eagle-eyed friend who specializes in helping other people spend money found this dreamy coat in the JC Penney flier.

Hello, luvah.

Moral debate over fur aside, it's just impossible that something this soft could be naturally occurring in nature. Something so sinful can only be manmade. The wide collar and three-quarter sleeves are perfect touches.

And, I only paid $40.

Technically, it was $79.99 (on sale), but i had $46 in cash so only $40 is showing up on the credit card statement. Oh stop — let she who has never done creative accounting cast the first stone.

Oh, and note to the IRS — I do not do the family taxes.


jacquelyn said...

Going into the Penney's (my mom calls it that, so it has worn off on me) at either the Tucson or El Con malls really frustrates me. The lighting is so dim and everything is packed in so tightly. I rarely go into the El Con location, only if my mom drags me there for my daughter, since really, their baby and toddler clothes are great. The Penney's at Tucson Mall is my cut-through from The LImited wing to the Old Navy/Children's Place area. I did try a skirt on last time I was there but when I sat down, it pulled up so much over the lining it was a no-go. I keep reading about how the store has taken Manhattan by storm and I'm trying to figure out if I am missing something.

Desert Flower said...

Love love love the coat and I can hardly wait until it's cool enough in Tucson for you to wear it!!

Kcookski said...

J - If you're willing to make the drive, head to the Penney's at Tucson Spectrum, which is I-19 and Irvington. It's close to my office, and it's brand, spankin' new and clean, and the lighting is full-on bright. I'll betcha anything that Manhattan store is a loooooot swankier than the old Tucson Mall and El Con Mall stores.

Pagano DesignWorks said...

Kristen, is it long sleeve or 3/4? If it is 3/4 then all of my resistance is futile! I can't wait to see it on you. You must post a photo!

Joe Sally said...

I was wondering where that $40 in cash went. I was going to give it away to some random guy who walked up to our door, but it was missing. Now I know ...