Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cool Find

I know, I know, it's still hideously hot out there. But, where I sit on the couch at night to watch TV is directly beneath the air conditioning vent. So I get a little chilly while "The Daily Show" is on.

Luckily, I just found this at Costco, land of the crazy-scary parking lot (on the east side anyway) and impulse bulk buys.

Despite the cute picture on the front, no actual lambies were harmed in the making of this reversible throw — it's all polyester, baby. I tell ya, I would never wear polyester clothes but this treatment of the faux fiber is sinfully, amazingly cuddly. One side is wooly softness and the other is plushy sleekness. Years ago, I fell in love with a Little Giraffe baby blanket. It was painfully expensive and about as big as a washcloth, so it wasn't mean to be. The softness of this throw totally kicks that throw's ass.

And, it's only $19. It's not even $20! If you're looking for something for snuggle in during TV watching, or you're stocking up on Christmas gifts early (Do it! Do it! You'll be so glad you did), this is exactly what you need. The throw comes in maroon, navy and sage green.

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