Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wonder bra — for cheap!

So the other day I hit Forever XXI in search of a crystal bracelet that's an exact replica of an Ann Taylor one I really, really want. The AT bracelet: $85. Forever bracelet: $12.80. The additional shopping I could do with that money: Well, there's an exact dollar amount, but my math skills aren't that sharp so I'm gonna go with priceless.
Stretchy crystal bracelet was nowhere to be found, but I stumbled across this athletic-type bra instead.
Most pull-on athletic bras smoosh your boobs into nothingness, and I don't have that much to begin with. Anyone else ever receive this as a gift: A T-shirt reading "Objects beneath this shirt are larger than they appear"?
This stretchy bra has built-in cups that aren't super-padded like most of the bras from Victoria's Secret bras. I don't even need to be *in* one of those bras — I could just send it out without me.
Not only is the F21 bra extremely comfortable and offers some shape for those of us who are less-endowed, it's also $4.50. Yes, you read right — $4.50. I'll take one in every color, please.

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Desert Flower said...

OMG, we are like shopping twins!!! I have a half dozen of those bras! Love them, super comfortable and tons of great colors. For a while they had the same thing in a bandeau style and I bought some of those too.