Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Guilty confession

Some things are just hard to admit.
But sometimes, you just have to suck it up for the greater good. So, here goes: I'm going to confess that I bought a lip balm. It cost $22.50.
I know that's horrible, awful, ridiculous. But, in my defense, I was having a crummy day and needed a pick me up and who among us, shopper girls, has not purchased something wildly, inappropriately overpriced because it made us feel good? It's not like I bought a Maserati, right? So, please don't judge me. And this frivolous purchase has a happy ending — it's one killer lip balm.
Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment has a very soft cherry-ish tint, so it deposits almost imperceptible color but it does leave a nice sheen. The stuff's not overly glossy, just gives your pucker a flattering, just-licked-your-lips look. But its main schtick is to be a moisturizing treatment and that it does quite well. I could argue that this was a must-buy because despite all my heavy, gloppy assorted balms and goos, I still had dry-enough lips that my MALE dentist told me I needed to do something about them.
That's pretty harsh coming from a guy.
Well, the Fresh lasts long enough that my lips feel hydrated for hours. So, I guess I could argue that this is like a medical prescription because it's solved my flaky lip skin problem. Hmm, wonder if it's an insurance write-off?

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