Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hoodies Rock!

If there's anything I've learned from watching "What Not To Wear," it's that there is such a thing as too many hoodies.

That, plus it's pronounced "OM pyr" waist and not EM-pire. Did you know that? I sure didn't. Of course, I used to pronounce khaki "cocky" when I was in seventh grade, too.

But back to hoodies. I so love them. I love how throwing one over a silky, ruffled blouse instantly tones the fancy shirt down to appropriate Tucson wear. I love how they look with dressy, Anthropologie-esque skirts. J Crew does it best with its many hoodie incarnations — from sherpa to lightweight cotton to cashmere — pairing them beneath suit jackets or long pearl necklaces.

If a person can have two achilles heels, then one of mine would be for hoodies. The other, of course, is shoes.

What's worse still about my hoodie habit is that I'm gravitating toward expensive ones. Isn't that so wrong? Something noted for comfort and casualness costing in excess of $150? Insane.

Yet, I adore this Mike & Chris hoodie. The brand, known for its freakishly-overpriced, crazy-casual clothes added ruffles. What a great feminine touch to a unisex clothing item.

Haute Hippie threw in ruching on the front and sleeves of this hoodie. Love, love, love. It's whimsical and fun and — I feel dirty even just typing in such a price tag — $215. The MC hoodie, compared to that, is a bargain at $176. Now, that's just obscene. You could buy about 5 laptops for kids in third-world countries for that money. So, they won't be migrating into my closet any time soon. But if there's ever a 95-percent off sale, all deals are off.

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Joe Sally said...

Only Achilles had two Achilles' heels ... everyone else has to settle for tendons.