Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Fun

Fall is in the mall, in the magazines, everywhere but our toasty, humid air. Ugh.
And speaking of Uggs, is there any surer sign that cooler weather is coming (please, oh please) than when a new bumper-crop of cuddly footwear arrives?
Now I can appreciate the extreme coziness and comfort of those moon boot-looking Uggs. But I don't like 'em for my own feet. So I'm happy to see several of this season's boots and shoes look oh-so-sleek.
Stems-A Shoe Boutique just got in a bunch of cute stuff. Topping my wish list: these skimmers with a metallic toe that adds a fun contrast and a bit of dressiness to an otherwise plain flat.
The Highkoo boots can be slouched and buttoned. Too cute.
But what I'd really, really, really love to find is this awesome suede-shearling wrap jacket. Despite my best 10 minutes of effort, I couldn't turn it up anywhere online. So, I scanned it from this month's Glamour magazine. For added authenticity, I included the rolled up part of the facing page. I didn't do that just because I have fewer computer skills than my 7-year-old. Really.
I s'pose it's just as well that I can't find that coat. Based on the prices of old Uggs jackets ($1,000, $500), it would be in the Paris Hilton price range not the poor journalist on a budget range.

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