Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rediscovering Express

After dismissing Express years ago as a hoochie hell-hole, I'm reconsidering.
Naturally the basis of my change-of-heart was a coupon.
A week ago, (bookmark it!) posted an amazing Express coupon — $10 off $20 or $25 off $50. That got me to snooping around the site, and I liked what I saw.
There's still a pretty high hooch factor, but tops and dresses are way more tastefully done than at, say, Guess, which — in my opinion — is Frederick's of Hollywood Lite.
Express offers a lot of fun tops in prints that offer a bit of tasteful flash, like this snakeskin tank. It's hard to tell onscreen, but the reptile print is nicely done and has a bit of metallic sheen. And if you haven't heard, snakeskin/reptile is the hot fall version of the animal print craze.
Sequins are popping up everywhere, and this tank isn't too Liberace. It's not clingy and could easily be toned down beneath a cardi or work as a casual date-night top. For those of you who actually have date nights.
I'm not sure if I love the "editor" pants for the name or the actual clothing item itself. I've tried them on and they're quite flattering. They also come in a wide range of material.
Express, I'm sorry I misjudged you.

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Kristi said...

Have to say, I've gotten some work items at Express. And I totally agree about Guess.