Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Shoe Haiku

Oh, how I love shoes!
Flat ones, teeteringly tall
Right foot must improve!

Thought it would be fun to highlight shoes from my bottomless closet. I haven't specifically counted them up, but I'm guessing there are more than 100 pairs.
These are the most ha-cha-cha shoes I own. They're Michael Michael Kors "Brookville," and I bought them at Stems earlier this year.
Despite the crazy tall heel, I can walk in them. Normally, when I slip into anything with more than a 2-inch heel, I lurch around like a baby just starting to walk....who's had about three beers. But, the sturdy platform and thicker heel mean even a klutzo like me can stay upright.
I miss them.
I'm hoping that in another month the swelling from foot surgery will finally be all gone, and I can abandon flip-flops and enjoy my vast shoedrobe.
Here's looking at shoe.

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