Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Perhaps it's my entry into a new demographic (late 30s, gulp, = cougar country) that has me lusting after animal prints. But, cougars are in, right? I mean, there's that new Courteney Cox "Cougar Town" show that's supposed to debut this fall about older chicks on the hunt for young meat.
Well, I choose to think this *is* cool.
All the online sights are crawling with animal prints. It's so hard to tell if they'll really look that cute, though. Faux fur leopard prints are becoming an obsession, but can anyone who isn't Sienna Miller wear it?
After ogling stuff on Spiegel and Forever 21, it seemed that the best (read: not cheap looking) leopard print was at Express.
This cardi is darling, but I decided the wide-strapped tank — at $29.50 — would not only satisfy those animal cravings, but would be able to be toned down with a nice cardi. You know, so I don't actually look like I'm on the prowl.

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