Monday, March 1, 2010

Big Month for Target

Who doesn't love Target?

And this month, there's even more to love. Jean Paul Gaultier's line debuts at the end of the week and on March 14, Liberty of London arrives at the discount department store.

I have to admit, previous designer collaborations have whipped me into a frenzy only to cause extreme disappointment after seeing things in IRL. No matter how great the designer, the clothing — invariably — was made of scratchy material and looked like it wouldn't last through even just one gentle wash cycle.

So, I'm keeping my expectations in check until I actually see the new stuff. Still, the Liberty of London line has me intrigued. It's Target's biggest designer event yet, crossing into kids, men's and even housewares. I'm dying to see the darling, patterned piggy banks and that floral bike. My favorite article of clothing is the most non-descript: a simple empire-waist sundress with subtle floral embellishment at the bottom.

The men's long-sleeved shirts would be so cute — not on him but for us gals — paired with a simple white tank and some slim-fitting cargo pants.

Let's all cross our fingers that this time won't be a disappointment.


Desert Flower said...

Crossing my fingers!! I am dying for the Liberty of London pieces and I'm so hoping they will be wonderful.

sweetsy said...

Ditto..can't wait for the prints! I mean..a bike?? Swooonn!

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HeidiG said...

I am with you on fingers crossed for Liberty of London - because I have been sooooo disappointed with previous designer outings. Let's hope for the best!