Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy — Bestest Wrap/Jacket/Warmer Ever!

Behold — the new favorite thing in my closet.

OMG. Best wrap/jacket thingie ever. Ever.

I have a completely inappropriate jacket fixation. It's inappropriate because I live in the desert. Most of the year, it's flippin' hot. Yet, I persist in accumulating new jackets — mostly hoodies — every fall/winter. I'm hitting Washington in a month for a girls' vacay and have been hunting for the absolute perfect throw-it-on-and-stave-off-the-chill jacket. I just bought this off ebay.

It's by Sauce, a fun label I've grown fond of (that's the line famous for those cute graphic tees with the sunglasses at the neckline). Any day now it'll pop up on

Well, anyway, when it first arrived this week, I was decidedly nonplussed. The white athletic stripes aren't part of the fabric — they're silkscreened on. Turnoff. It also smelled funny (must've come straight from the factory in China). The material, though, was promising. Although not the softest, it's thicker than your average wrap, almost sweatshirt-y but without the fleece. So, I tossed it in the washer and hung it up to dry.

Well, as I was examining the sleeves I realized..... this thing has thumb holes! (This would be another fixation — see previous posting, "Weird Obsession" from Aug. 19).

And like the snap of a thumb — partially ensconced in fabric — I was in love. Doesn't get cozier than this.


sweetsy said...

Oh girl...I am also jacket, hoodie, cardi obsessed! Thumb holes? Please and thank you:) I need to see this IRL..close up of thumbs, natch:)

Kcookski said...

stay tuned, sweetsy! i'll get some up, posthaste...i know - can you imagine NOT publicizing that something has thumb holes?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

sweetsy said...