Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Scentsational Fragrance by Salud

To people accustomed to wall-to-wall grass and landscapes that look like they've been spray-painted green, the desert must seem a weird, overly-brown place.

Those of us who live here, though, recognize and love its charms. Chief among them — the smell after a rain. It's fresh laundry with a touch of earthy herbalness. Intoxicating.

A nondescript scrubby bush known as creosote is responsible for the lovely aroma. Now, I am very particular about smells, but I love this one. I'm even picker about perfume. Unless it's light with a clean-as-soap smell, I won't wear it. Can't. It torments me all day if it's too strong. Man, when every girl at my high school bathed in Obsession in the late '80s, I thought I might die.

But I've found true love in a roll-on bottle — Salud Spa Bar's "Creosote blossom" fragrance, which perfectly captures that freshly washed desert smell. When it first rolls on, it smells just like soil, as if you'd been digging in the garden. Then it mellows to just this lovely, gentle, creosote scent. Not overbearing, just right. Heaven. I have worn nothing else since I got it.

If you're, um, scentsative like I am, you might like it. Or, even better, create your own custom perfume blend. You can order small sample vials and see what you like. That's what I'm going to do next. You can get your own signature scent for just $25, which is incredibly reasonable. Check out Salud Spa Bar. Shipping is free until March 9 with a $20 purchase. Enter coupon code "BLOOM" at checkout.

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sweetsy said...

Not familiar but it sounds interesting! Cool idea, too.