Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Do Not Like Oxfords

I am Kristen, Kristen I is
I just don't get this oxford biz.
I did not like 'em in the '80s when they were jazz shoes
I absolutely refuse to wear them now. I just refuse!

I would not wear them with a dress,
I would not wear them to play chess.

I think they make feet look big,
I would not wear them to do a jig.

I would not wear them with some socks,
I do not think this re-trend rocks.

I hope you do not think me rude,
But this style can make you look like a dude.

And I suppose if you're one of the ladies who do like this style, I ought to tell you which shoes these are. No laces are Joie "Louie Louie"
and the other is Boutique 9 "Brazen."


Desert Flower said...

They are everywhere lately! I don't like them either, at least not on me. I have seen some people really rock them, though.

Kcookski said...

i know — they are everywhere. And, they can look cute on some people but not me. Plus, I can't shake the images of John Hughes movie characters in oxfords and socks. Just an 80s trend that doesn't seem worth repeating. Like leg warmers.

Jessica said...

I don't mind this trend on some girls. But definitely not on me. I'll play with menswear inspiration in other ways, like shirt dresses.

KathyW said...

I usually like oxfords (or used to) - maybe because my feet are on the small side ??? - or maybe because I have no taste :( However, I'm not real fond of either of the ones you posted so maybe I don't like them anymore or maybe I'm getting some taste :)

Lisa said...

I hate to admit it, but I am in love with those white suede brogues from J. Crew. Granted, not so in love that I would buy and wear those shoes as I don't think brogues work for me and don't really like them, but I could stare of them for long periods ...

sweetsy said...

Hilarious poem and I am on board with's not my thing at all.

HeidiG said...

Thank you!!!! I am so NOT a fan of these, but everyone seems to just looooove them. Glad to know I am not alone. And I totally dig the poem.

post-fab princess said...


I am soooo not into oxfords either. I think some people can rock them, but I think they're kinda dowdy.