Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Red Dress for Me

Ah, friends.

They laugh with you, cry with you, shop with you. If you're really lucky, they'll shop for you.

It was a crushing blow to discover that the Scottsdale H&M store wasn't getting the full Garden Collection and most importantly, no red rosette dress. In fact, it was the fashion equivalent of your favorite pitcher being out for the entire season*. But, my friend S is well-connected. As we stood in the middle of the chaos that is an H&M this past weekend, she texted a message to her fashion friends to keep an eye out for the red dress.

Well, one's coming.

Color me giddy. I'll look exactly like the long-limbed, sunken-cheeked Swedish model in it, I just know it.

The thing that's tripping me up — what shoes will I wear?

*Sometimes my husband reads. Gotta make sure and speak in terms he understands. Then, perhaps, he will realize what a joyous thing it is when the dress arrives and he will take me out somewhere in it. A mother of three can dream.

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Desert Flower said...

Friends don't let friends go to dinner naked.