Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hurry Up, Glee!

"Glee" — come back.


CDs volume 1 and 2 have been playing on an endless loop in the mini van. I so miss that show. I need something to even out the intensity of "24," which ticks about 60 minutes off my life every episode and the extreme annoyance of "Lost," which just plain ticks me off because those writers aren't going to reveal squat. Instead, all of us faithful viewers will be every bit as dazed and confused as we were in Season One. Bet you.

But, "Glee," — it never disappoints. It's cute, has that incredibly uplifting music and I'm completely smitten with that fresh-faced football player Finn. Maybe it's his Chiclet teeth, but damn he's a cutie. And, lest you think I'm a completely dirty old woman, you know in real life he's gotta be well into his 20s. So, I'm not that cougar-y.


HeidiG said...

Oh I am so ridiculously excited for Glee to start again!!!

KathyW said...

Add me to the list of "Gleeks" anxiously awaiting its return :)