Saturday, March 13, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want...

But you get what you need.

And these $16 Forever 21 shorts (middle pic) will fill my obsession for the season. For now.

Shorts popped up on the runways earlier in the fall and continue to be hot, hot, hot for the heat, heat, heat this spring. This time around the fabric is lighter and the cut is looser and drapey.

I had been pining for these lovely draped pocket Eight Sixty shorts. They perfectly mimic looks from higher-end designers like Alexander Wang.

Not for $70, though.

As so often happens, I turned to Forever 21. The trend factory churns out wallet-friendly knock-offs like nobody's biz, but this particular style seems to have escaped them. Some dressy, pleated shorts are a good option, though. They're long enough to wear to work and easy to dress up or down.

Maybe one day, I will feel bold enough to pair 'em with my zebra platform sandals.

On the other end of the shorts spectrum are these pale shimmery Patterson J. Kincaid bubble shorts. A case study in what to avoid. Bubble shorts? Shudder.

Outfit: Patterson J. Kincaid "Penny" silk HOODIE!, Forever 21 black shorts ($15.80 from the "Love 21" label, but I couldn't get a product number to turn up online); J. Crew "Lydia" top; pewter strappy wedges of unknown parentage.


Lisa said...

I really like those Eight Sixty shorts. But 1) I am way too stumpy to pull that look off and 2) I'm like you, I'm not going to pay $70 for trendy shorts.

Desert Flower said...

Great outfit! The shorts look good. I think that's a great way to translate the trend without spending way too much.

Pagano DesignWorks said...

Shoes were most certainly from Ross, but I don't remember brand. So much cuter on you! Love the shorts...on you. :)