Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crewsin' Again

One of the best movies of all time — "Say Anything" — features a character hopelessly in love with a bad news dude named Joe (remember the song: "Joe lies! Joe lies!"). She knows this, but still can't help herself around him.

Well, that's how it is with J. Crew and me (for more on our sordid past, see Jan. 6 posting "Kicking the Crew Habit").

I cut up my card and haven't bought anything Crew for months. Then, I get a new catalog and immediately find myself ooohing and ahhing over things like the ultra-knit hoodie and the palmera tank.

Picture me clenching my teeth and pumping my fist and muttering — Jerry Seinfeld-like when he speaks about his nemesis Newman — "J.... Crew..."

Damn them.

I'm also shamelessly smitten with their silk-blend pants even though I know in my heart of hearts that my ass would look terrible. This would be the clothing version of Joe.

All it would take is a free ship code with no minimum, and I'd become another hopeless lamb back in the fold of the Crewnation. Oh wait, Crew NEVER does that. Whew. Safe.


Desert Flower said...

Do it. Drink the Crewlade.

HeidiG said...

Ah, I remember Joe Lies.

I tried on the pants in store - and they are actually really cute - kinda a dressed up version of sweats - they would be great with a cardi or hoodie or tee. But I decided against them because I thought they would not work so well with my 15-month old Labradoodle and her toenails. If you do dive into the Crewlade, don't size down.