Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Friday Shoe Haiku — Posted Extra Early!*

Yo, my pumps, my pumps
Love my lovely lady pumps
Sorry, Black Eyed Peas.**

Shoes: Farylrobin somethin' or others.

*The oversized puppies are restless, keeping us awake. Ugh.
**I have never actually heard the Black Eyed Peas' version of this song. I have the Will Ferrell version from "Blades of Glory" stuck in my head.


Lisa said...

Ooh, these are quirky and lovely.

HeidiG said...

Fun shoes....and I love Will now I will have his version stuck in my head all day...thanks. :)

fashions and fancies said...

'Dash' (name) in "Mermaid" (color). BAM, droppin' the knowledge! (Yes, that is why Jess hired me- my fantastic shoe memory.)

Pagano DesignWorks said...

I actually saw a pair of these very shoes at the completely wrong size! Adorable!