Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Most Expensive Read

Sad but true — I don't read. The last book I picked up was that Percy Jackson Lightning Thief one. Before that, all the "Twilight" books. Loved those. Yup, juvenile fiction is about my speed. Despite my 30-something chronological age, I am still 13 inside. And wearing braces.

For someone who's a journalist by trade, that's probably not a good admission. But I have this completely weird, unreasonable disorder in which every book I pick up immediately depresses me when I read it because I think, "I need to write a book. I should write a book." I have notebooks filled with half-baked ideas. One day.

So even though I ignore books, I love my magazines. I think I'm up to 10 subscriptions now, including Teen Vogue, which I somehow ended up with (free with purchase maybe?) and actually like despite my advancing age.

I did buy the "Sex and the City" book when it went on crazy super sale at Urban Outfitters. No joke, the $4.99 price tag is still on it. I adore memorizing its pages and all the wonderful, glorious clothes and shoes. I never get tired of looking at that.

The point I'm getting to is that there's this Prada book out there that's 125 smackers. Yowza. The hardcover has an overview of all of Miuccia Prada's collections, pictures of nearly 4,000 different looks and production shots of shoes being crafted. It sounds so cool. But $125? It's just under $79 on Amazon. Free shipping, but still.

So I am trying to rationalize this purchase. Would I get $78.75 worth of enjoyment? And no, it is not cheaper on eBay. I checked.


sweetsy said...

me too :/ *slinks down* runs away with tail between her legs.

Okay..I said it..I don't read books, either. I like magazines. I think by the time I have done the days work and the kids are tucked away..I am on auto-pilot and semi-brain dead. I feel the entertainment needs to fill me rather than make any more effort. Absurd, right? I know many would say that books are so great they love to unwind this way. I can see what they are saying but I still just go with menial reading of clips of info, staring at beautiful eye-candy or one of my favorite tivoed shows. Such the intellect, I am;)
At least you have a good excuse..that makes a lot of sense to me.
As for the book..just be will go down to a much more reasonable price.

KathyW said...

K, surely it would at least be a tax deduction for you, right? Can you tell that I think you should get it :)

Jessica said...

I caved and bought that Sex and the City book on super sale at Barnes & Noble! I felt a little embarrassed purchasing it, but it really is delightful!

Kcookski said...

i know, jessica! i felt like i was a kid again with a scholastic book order form and getting the "book" (cuz really it was all pictures) form of a popular movie. but i just skip though all the plot stuff and gaze at the thumbnail pix of alllllll those glorious outfits in the back!