Thursday, March 25, 2010

A-Shoppin' I Did Go

While I, quite literally, window shop every day online, I don't actually pull the trigger on many things.

And I've been trying to be good. No, really. Stop laughing, spousal unit.

I did, however, end up with a few somethin' somethin's this week.

•The roundabout shirt from Anthro. On sale for $39 and a dead-ringer for an Elizabeth & James shirt that's waaaay more expensive, it was a must-buy, especially with free shipping for Anthro memebers.

• I picked up this Anthro number in-store. Yes, I dared venture into the sale room, which triggers minor seizures, it's so jam-packed full of stuff.
I'm thinkin' it would be a cute summer dress, although technically it's loungewear. But now that I've seen all the reviews where women are talking about sleeping in it, I'm rethinking the dress. Is it too nightwear-ish?

• A trinket scored on sale from Shopbop. It's by Madwell — J Crew's sister line. It's quite lovely IRL. I think I did the right thing 'cuz it's sold out now.


Lisa said...

Great white shirt, and an interesting take on a basic without being too out there.

As for the chemise - it may work dependent on how long it is/how daring you are. Maybe wear a tunic or long cardi over it and have the bottoms peeking out?

Desert Flower said...

I think the chemise works great as a summer dress since you live in the desert, provided it isn't too short. Throw on some sandals and a necklace.