Wednesday, July 28, 2010


See that crowded tackle box there? That would be my makeup case. The top two tiers are devoted to lipsticks and pencils. Glosses, stains and balms are relegated to an entire, different storage containment system.

Obviously, lip gunk makes my heart skip a beat. Or three.

But here's the thing — I'm so addicted to tinted balms right now that I'm not even delving into the recesses of the makeup box. Fresh's Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment has been my go-to lip slick since I discovered it last year. When a second darker berry shade came out this summer, I sprang for that, too. Love it just as much, although I am simultaneously horrified at paying $20 for what is essentially glorified Chapstick.

In my defense though, the Fresh lip treatment is incredibly hydrating (and my lips are flakier than Lindsay Lohan at a court hearing). It keeps my lips soft and moisturized for so much longer than any other cheaper balm PLUS it gives the barest hint of color. The only drawback is that it's pretty delicate, so I can't carry it around in my purse in the triple-digit summer heat. Gets too melty.

But now I've discovered Lipstick Queen's Medieval Tinted Lip Treatment.

I saw it IRL recently at Barney's in Scottsdale Fashion Square. Store was like a ghost town. Don't tell me there isn't a recession going on — I was the only person in that high falutin', high priced retail outlet. In fact, one of the beauty associates started stalking me, the place was so empty. I was just browsing, but she followed me from counter to counter. When I paused at the Lipstick Queen display, she pounced.

"Oh, look at thees — it is very wonderful," she purred in an untraceable European accent. She whipped out Medieval and had me hook, line and sinker.

Like the Fresh product, Medieval is very moisturizing. It's a good starter stick for those petrified of red. It imparts a delicate red hue but isn't as high maintenance or scary as a true red. Love. It's still $20, but I consider that a charitable contribution to keep department-store employees with stalkerlike tendencies gainfully employed.


Desert Flower said...

I wish I was that organized!

Margaret said...

oh that is so ridiculously impressive!
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx
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