Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steal vs Splurge — Sheer Cardis

Nicole Richie's clothing line Winter Kate sells out everywhere.

Seems people can't get enough of the Boho-y, flowing pieces in ethereally light fabrics. But those price tags are killers. Case in point: This light-as-a-feather Ginger cardi goes for more than $130. What's a cash-strapped gal to do?

Well, if you have a sharp-eyed bargain hunter friend, you let her do the work.

My infinitely chic, online shopper extraordinaire pal Desert Flower* found the perfect, inexpensive doppelganger for the wisp of a cardigan — at a fraction of the price ($27.80).

Behold, the Forever XXI version (ProductCode: 2078476128). I like it more. It's still silk. The pattern is cute, and the variety of colors will make it easier to mix n' match.

It's winging its way to me now. IRL photos to post soon.

Oh, and Forever XXI has free shipping right now for $40-plus orders with the code STANDOUT. A $40 purchase? You can buy a whole new wardrobe there. (You could also try SURVEY, which has no minimum purchase required, but it may have expired by now.)

* Apparently some people out there in Bloggerland think Desert Flower is moi. No, my online handle is Kcookski. Desert Flower also dwells in Tucson and hits the blogs pretty regularly. This dusty burg does have more than a few of us. :)


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Ooh, I've looked at the F21 cardi too - but chances are I'm way too short to pull it off. I can't wait for you to see on a normal height person like yourself, though, I bet it looks pretty good (I've been impressed with the F21 lately).

Jessica said...

I'm so happy you bought the cardigan! It's so pretty!

Desert Flower said...

F21 hits it out of the park every so often. This is going to look great on you!

Kcookski said...

l - it's not that long, really. i think you could pull it off. plus, it's completely sheer, so it wouldn't seem to "cut" someone petite like a heavier, cotton cardi would.

jacquelyn said...

I may be blinded by "such a good price nothing else matters" view, but I think the F21 version is preferable to the chi-chi one. Kudos to desert flower and her sleuthing skills.