Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello Again!

I'm back.....with new shoes.

Aren't they pretty? I think I took care of my clog fixation. The new lovelies, from left to right, Lucky brand clogs; H&M zip-up wedges; Report "Susie" wooden platform sandals.

To recap, we just got back from fakecation. Definition: a noun meaning you get away with the hub BUT also bring the kids AND DOGS to not-a-real destination. In our case, two hours up the highway to the big city (Phoenix) to stay with the in-laws (free). Cheapness does come at a cost, though:

• freakishly hot weather (100-plus with bright, white sunlight to sear right through to your soul)
• 4 a.m. wakeup calls (early risers in a papier mache-walled house; plus our dogs and their dogs did not get along)
• bruises thanks to repeated pummeling by the biggest bed hog ever, my 5-year-old (weird sleeping arrangement explainer: There are double beds at the in-laws, which is not enough room for my sleep-troubled, 6-foot-2 husband and me. We sleep in a king at home, and — truth be told — if I could buy a bigger bed, I would. I likes my space, too. Spooning? Pbbblt.)
• an 80 percent hearing loss and eye twitch as a result of two hours spent in a place called Makutu's Island, which bills itself as an indoor "fun" gym, but I know it is really a super-secret government experiment designed to see how long it takes adults to lose their minds.

But, this non-vacation was designed to be economical. Lots o' expenses = not so exotic locale.

On the up side, I did make it to Scottsdale Fashion Square (cue heavenly angels singing here) during Nordstrom's anniversary sale AND I got to browse a Nordstrom Rack and look at each and every rack and try on clothes without a single person complaining of boredom or that he/she had to go to the bathroom NOW.

Also "got" to go to a water park in Phoenix. We bought "discount" tickets and for $29, I expected someone to get in the water for me. No such luck. But, it was some good people watching. What is trending in the big city, based on the waterpark peep show:
• teens with tats (honestly, 16 is too young to make a pretty much permanent decision about your skin)
• sausage-casing swimsuit covers. Seriously, if it's skintight and white and then gets wet, it ain't gonna hide the rolls.

OK, thus ends my scatter-shot report. Perhaps tomorrow I will be more coherent.

Thanks for all who joined and entered the J Crew contest. Come back tomorrow to find out the winner!


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Welcome back from you psuedo-vacation. Sounds like you'll finally be able to get some rest now! :o)

sweetsy said...

TOO freaking funny..thanks for the smiles:)

Ebony said...

I love the shoes, especially the black clogs. They're great for now, but you won't have to put them up in 2 months if you live in a place with a real fall.

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