Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Shoe Haiku — Killer Platforms

Wooden platforms rock

Grommets add an edgy twist

Go with everything

Shoe n' Tell: Picked these up during my recent "fakecation" in the Phoenix area at Nordstrom Rack. As much as I love the blood-pressure lowering atmosphere of the real, high-priced Nordstrom with its live music and gracious salespeople, the Rack is where it's at — down in the trenches, scour every corner and work for your clothes bargain hunt. That's where these Report "Susie" platforms came from. At $46, I had to take them home. Also found this Torn by Ronny Kobo "Lauren" tank, that's still selling in excess of $100. My new one was $21 at the Rack.


Orphaned Apparel said...

Wow, The Rack sounds awesome. I'm addicted to bargain hunting. Nothing feels better than knowing you found something awesome for a fraction of the sticker price!

KathyW said...

K - What brand of jeans are you wearing. They're darling. K

Kcookski said...

k - those would be current/elliott "slouch crop" jeans, purchased for $25 at billion dollar babes (regular price: more than $125). i cannot even tell you how addicted i am to those sample sales...;) k

oa - the rack is THE BOMB. i had just been to neiman and nordies before hitting the rack and saw the exact same stuff, but for sooo much cheaper.

Desert Flower said...

This outfit is total WIN. You look great and I love those shoes!!

Jessica said...

High five! I'm a huge fan of scouring the Rack. Sometimes bargain hunting is a pain in the rear, but when you uncover gems like these, it was totally worth it.

Have a lovely weekend!