Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just Cinch It!

In the Adam Sandler era of "Saturday Night Live," he and David Spade played these obnoxious Gap salesgirls. Their advice was always the same, "Just cinch it!"

Well, I decided to finally take that advice.

I've been modestly stockpiling belts but not using them. Typically, I chicken out, deciding the look is bad. Yesterday, I decided to go for it. Here's how I rolled: J Crew tee and skirt (on sale for $10!) from last year and paired with Me Too sandals that I think are too chunky with this ensemble.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Oh no, does that make me a total "just cinch it!" gal, because that it totally what I do. In these last few months of blogging, belts have suddenly become one of my bestest fashion friends.

Like the gray and coral - and I like the shoes too. I think it "toughens" up the whole look.

ina said...

i am stockpiling belts too,without using them.
so i just made the decision to wear them!

Desert Flower said...

I am such a belt whore. I wear one almost every day. I love this ensemble. The belt is perfect here, it takes a somewhat casual tee and skirt pairing to more sophisticated, and I really adore the shoes with it. Not too chunky at all. In fact, they're perfect because they're substantial enough not to be dwarfed by the belt. Great outfit!!

Kcookski said...

Lisa - You are the QUEEN of belts. When I looked at my tangle of waist-cinchers, I thought, 'What would Lisa do?'" I bow before you.....
Ina - You should check out Lisa's Blog, Respect the Shoes. She known how to rock a belt and is great inspiration. I'll bet you have something that would look smashing with the Crew tortoise-link necklace. :)
DF - I call dibs on any of your belts when you're tired of 'em.